Hearing God's Voice

The details of the course may be downloaded here


 for yourself and others. This is a 6 session course running weekly from Thurs 8th June 2017 at All Saints, Redgrave.  Each session will start at 7.30pm





The purpose of these session is to study the question,

“Does God really speak today?”

“Can we hear Him?”

Sometimes, if we receive a providential answer to our prayers, we do have the sense that someone, somewhere, is listening to us. But is it possible that we can also listen to that someone? Is it possible that He has a voice, and that we can train our ears to hear and respond to Him?

According to Scripture that is precisely the case.  In fact, hearing from God is perfectly normal – at least it ought to be for every one of His children.  It’s the way God designed it to be.

During the six sessions we will be discovering the powerful truths and principles of hearing God’s voice, and that it is God’s biblical norm when it comes to us communicating with Him.  As we do this we will learn:

  • the ways God historically speaks to His people
  • how to train your ears to hear His voice
  • how to represent Him responsibly when sharing with others
  • using spiritual discernment to guard against error and deception
  • living a lifestyle of conversational communication with your Heavenly Father

For further information, and if you wish to join us please contact me on 01379 898685     Revd Chris Norburn.